Bali Fashion Week 2008
Bali Fashion Week 2008


Bali has long record of being well known internationally for its rich culture, well-preserved tradition, as well as its highly creative and talented people. Bali has become one of the famous destinations for both tourists as well as buyers who take the opportunity to source for creative related goods produced in Indonesia, especially Bali. Bali Fashion Week is an annual trade event held by the Moda Bali Foundation that combines fashion, art and culture. The event is used as a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and discuss potential business relationships. Bali is chosen to be the host of the event due to its popularity as one of the doors to the international world for Indonesia. As a place it is full of inspirations, that also showcase various arts & traditions from different parts of Indonesia, Bali possesses an attractive variety mixture to both domestic and international markets. The event is held annually in Bali to support the growth of the tourism industry while providing the ‘ convenient ’ and ‘ safe ’ area for the participants (domestic & international) to get inspired from the endless creativity seen in this “ Island of the Gods ” ,

Mission & Vision

1. To provide an international medium for the Indonesian fashion business players to be part of, and at the same time to use this medium as a learning platform for the development of their businesses internationally.

2. To assist the Indonesian government in promoting the small and medium industry which leads to embetterment of the Indonesian economy.

3. To gain maximum exposure for our sponsors and partners.

4. To promote Indonesian culture through its traditional textiles and accessories.

5. To support the Indonesian government ’ s efforts in bringing back the trust of the Indonesian tourism as a safe haven.

6. To assist the promotion of supporting tourism business such as airlines, travel agents, hotels, food & beverage by having them as partners of the event.


1. To introduce Indonesian fashion-related business to both domestic & international buyers to further assist them in the creation of effective business link.

2. To widen the international network of Indonesian fashion/textile business.

3. To assist in the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia, especially those whose scope of production is related to fashion & accessories.

4. To present talented Indonesian fashion designers and accessories producers to an international scope of trade exhibitions with concentration on export.

5. To showcase the “ One of A Kind ” items that is part of the rich Indonesian culture & tradition for both domestic & international buyers to appreciate the values behind them to further open the possibility of business.

6. To keep on promoting Indonesia as a professional, convenient and yet friendly area for MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, and Exhibitions) Event ’ s Program The event runs for 4 consecutive days from 09 Am – 5 PM, followed by nightly fashion shows.

Following are the programs of Bali Fashion Week:

a. Exhibition: Trade Exhibition
b. Seminar on Trend, Colour and Fabrics of the Spring-Summer Fashion 2009.
c. Discussion Forum on current subject of the fashion industry presented in the seminar session by International and National designers.
d. Evening Fashion Shows during the 08Bali Fashion Week. The fashion shows are held showcasing the work of participating fashion & accessories designers, both from Indonesia as well as overseas.

Venues 24 August, 2008 FashiON the Street Carnival Starting Point: Starting point: OSO Compound-Kuta Beach ~ Melasti ~ Jalan Legian ~ Jalan Pantai Kuta ~ ending at Pura Kuta Segara, where the participants of the carnival will show their best creations, followed by presentation of the Rice Girls, new talented young pop singers+ performers, outdoing the Spice Girls!!! Battle of the DeeJays will continue, swaying the crowd through the night.

The Winners of the Carnival competition will be announced at this unforgettable venue! 25, 26, 27 and 28 August, 2008Trade Exhibition in GWK Cultural Park~Jimbaran, Bali.Venue: The Exhibition Hall and the BOUTIQUE 25~27 August, 2008:Evening Fashion Shows in Lotus Pond, GWK ~ Jimbaran, Bali : a. 25 August, 2008 Opening of the 08Bali Fashion Week by the country Minister, followed with the designers PREVIEW Collection for the following days, then Collection by Korean Senior Haute Couture Designer Andre Kim. Dances and Entertainments during the event by famous artists.b. 26~27 August, 2008 Shows by International and overseas famous Designers. 28~29 August, 2008 The casual wear shows on the Kuta Beach 30 August, 2008Closing Event Profile The Bali Fashion Week is an international event that promotes the textile industry, garments, accessories, handbags, shoes and jewelry to the world in order to help the Indonesian Government in both economic development and growth.


1. FashiON the street Carnival
2. International Designers fashion shows 3. Seminar presented by WGSN, the Authority in the Fashion Trend, Colour and Fabrics of the Spring-Summer Fashion 2009
4. Meet the designers in Fashion Talk Show
5. Trade Expo
6. The Best Fashion Models Competition
7. Fashion photography competition Highlights Fashion Shows by International and overseas famous Designers and “ FashiON the Street ” Carnival. On FashiOn the Street Carnival, each designer has the opportunity to create one spectacular costume with the theme “ TriHita Karana ~ Relations between Human with God and the Nature around ” The Best Design Awards will be announced at the Finale of the Street Carnival Evening located at the Pura Kuta Segara . The Carnival is aimed at promoting tourism for Indonesia.

Participants Participants for Bali Fashion Week come from the following sectors & categories:
1. Textile Industry (General and Traditional textile)
2. Garment Manufacturers
3. Fashion & Accessories Designers
4. Fashion Schools
5. Tradition fabric & accessories producers
6. Fashion & Business-related Media Visitors Each year, Bali Fashion Week receives growing number of visitors from both, domestic and international.

Following are our type of annual visitors: ~ Buyers for international labels~ Buyers for international department stores, chain stores and wholesalers~ Domestic & international designers & label owner~ Domestic & international media ~ Fashion students
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